Versatile Power designs and produces custom electronic subsystems for manufacturers of complex products. We specialize in the application of RF, DC, ultrasonics and lasers for a wide range of advanced technological applications.

Versatile Power was founded in 2002 by a team of creative and experienced engineers with diverse disciplines. Our team of engineers has a long history of power supply and controller design solutions.

At Versatile Power, we design exactly what’s needed from the ground up and optimize the whole system for the best performance creating solutions that are an exact match to customer needs rather than an off-the-shelf interpretation.

What Our Customers Expect From Us

Versatile Power’s customers look to us for unique electronic subsystems to meet their needs for higher performance, lower cost, and greater reliability. They ask us for packages that are smaller in size, more controllable, more flexible, and that are more easily integrated into their systems. They want a lower parts count, with less wiring.

And we deliver. On time. With a failure rate of less than 0.1%

Sometimes our advanced custom products help our customers increase market share by being more competitive through better value or higher performance, or both. We work with customers and partners on plasma, ultrasonic, piezo-ceramics, optics, imaging, dynamic temperature control, thermodynamics, liquid/gas heating/cooling and more.

Versatile Power’s team of engineers all have made major contributions in the past in the art of electronic subsystem design, where analog meets digital, magnetics, control theory, and power. They are at home working at the leading edges of techniques such as:

  • High efficiency power systems
  • Custom embedded control software
  • Medical RF power sources
  • Real-time control utilizing proprietary operating systems
  • Custom designed high efficiency magnetics

– all while overcoming noise and efficiency problems and reducing the parts count of excruciatingly complex systems.

Quality: Designed In, Field Verified

The high quality of Versatile Power’s manufactured products begins with the design: low parts count, single boards, no cables, well-defined design margins, and adherence to the highest industry standards, such as ISO 9001-2008 and 13485-2003.

We audit all designs for automated manufacturing. To maintain the quality during production, we select our subcontract manufacturers with great care.

The software in our embedded microprocessors is designed, tested, retested, and tested again to run without failure.

We don’t just talk quality.

The first employee hired when Versatile Power was founded was our Quality Control Manager. Before engineering began, we had quality control procedures installed.

We passed an ISO 9000 audit in less than a year. The result: Over our ten years of production, less than 0.1% of our shipments have had defects. Versatile Power is located in the Heart of Silicon Valley, California and is ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 13485-2003 certified.

Introductory Meeting

If your product involves an electronic subsystem for RF, ultrasonics, or lasers – producing it, converting it, or controlling it – if it interfaces with electronics, optics, or plasma, and if it costs too much, talk to us. The chances are we can deliver a new subsystem meeting your exact needs with an advanced technology that improves your competitive position. All at a lower cost.

We would be delighted to set up a meeting with you, at your site or ours, to learn more about you, and what your unique needs are for power and power control – now or in the possible future. Of course, without obligation.

Contact Us for More Information

Or if you would like to set up an introductory meeting with a member of our team.

Highest quality power products through the use of innovative design.