Quality and Certificates

Quality: Designed In, Field Verified

The high quality of Versatile Power’s manufactured products begins with the design: low parts count, single boards, no cables, well-defined design margins, and adherence to the highest industry standards, such as ISO 9001-2015 and 13485-2016. We audit all designs for automated manufacturing.

To maintain the quality during production, we select our subcontract manufacturers with great care, and to insure that quality is foremost in their minds we hold conference calls with key vendors, every week, chaired by senior management.

The software in our embedded microprocessors is designed, tested, retested, and tested again to run without failure.

We don’t just talk quality. The first employee hired when Versatile Power was founded in 2002 was our Quality Control Manager. Before engineering began, we had quality control procedures installed. We passed an ISO 9000 audit in less than a year.

The result:
Over 10 years of production, our shipments of critical medical surgical systems are 99.9% defect free.

Versatile Power is ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 13485-2016 certified.