As your company begins developing its next great product, one of the biggest decisions you’ll make will involve how you’re going to perform electrical testing. Our previous article discussed the 4 Reasons Why You Need to Use Extended Range Programmable Power.  In fact, no matter what type of programmable power supply you need for your next big project, Versatile Power has the right choice for you.

So what is it about Versatile Power’s product catalog that sets it so far apart from the competition? Why should your company choose a Versatile Power programmable power supply over one from another manufacturer?

Our Products Are User-Friendly and Easy to Setup

The first reason why you should choose Versatile Power over the competition is because our products are the easiest to setup and operate.  User interfaces on the BENCH XR and RACK XR series are SCPI compliant and LXI certified with LabView drivers available on the National Instrument website.  Whether or not you use LabView, you can be sure that your product testing will go smoothly and precisely.

Furthermore, the front panel controls found on our products are the most user-friendly on the market. Each BENCH XR and RACK XR unit comes with a full digital control panel, allowing for fast programming and extremely accurate measurements. Rotary dials with digital encoders allow both fine and rapid adjustment of the output voltage and current. Also, because each BENCH XR and RACK XR unit is equipped with our patented integral digital remote sense, you don’t need to run separate remote sense wires to your product under test.

BENCH XR and RACK XR Are Compact and Lightweight

Besides being easy to use, Versatile Power programmable power supplies meet your need for saving valuable real estate. BENCH XR series is 75% smaller than the leading competitor, meaning you won’t have any wasted space on your bench or in your rack and the RACK XR is only 1U high.

We Have More Standard Features Than Anyone Else

In addition to their easy use and setup, another reason you should choose our products is because of the many features we’ve made standard. Unlike many of our competitors, Versatile Power BENCH XR and RACK XR units comes standard with inputs for analog, USB and Ethernet.  All units are LXI certified.

There are a lot of benefits to having so many system-ready standard features (like multiple standard I/O interfaces) on a Versatile Power programmable power supply. First (and most obvious), because BENCH XR and RACK XR units come standard with so many inputs, you won’t have to pay any extra money to customize your power supply. When you combine the number of features with our competitive pricing, you realize just how much bang-for-your-buck you get when you choose Versatile Power.

Secondly, our standard features mean you can get connected to LabView (and other test software programs) easier than the competition can. Doing so will simplify and accelerate system development for your R&D, design validation and manufacturing teams. This means you can get your product to the market before the competition does.

Finally, having such a wide-array of standard features means that our power supplies can do more than other leading power units. More input options means you can connect to more software suites. Increased rotary control and detailed, digital displays means more customization. Versatile Power’s programmable power supplies are, for lack of a better word, more versatile than any others.

We Take Quality Control Seriously

The final reason why Versatile Power is the right choice for your company is because we take quality control very seriously. We design all of our products with as few parts as possible, single boards, no cables and adherence to the highest industry standards.  Our goal is to utilize automated manufacturing and test processes as much as possible. We are ISO 9001-2015 and 13485-2016 certified and we have passed all of our quality and customer audits with flying colors.

Back in 2002, when Versatile Power was still a young company, the first employee we hired was a quality control manager. Less than a year later, we had already passed an ISO 9001 audit.

As a result, when you purchase a Versatile Power product, you can be sure that it’s not only user-friendly and versatile, but it’s also made to the highest quality standard.